Fillings & Buttercreams


Fresh Fruit & Compotes


Raspberry / Blackberry

Blackberry Cobler

Mixed Berry / Cherry

Peaches / Nectarines

Peach Cobbler

Apricots / Plums

Orange / Lemon Marmalade


Apple / Apple Pie

Banana / Bananas Foster


Pineapple / Coconut

Mango / Papaya

Passion Fruit

Guava / Mamey


Dominican Vanilla / Vanilla Bean

Dark / White/ Mint Chocolate

Caramel / Dulce De Leche

Coffee / Mocha / Espresso Latte

Peanut Butter / Nutella

Nuts (i.e. Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut etc.)

Spice / Spiced Rum / Butter Rum

Liquor Flavor (i.e. Rum, Bourbon etc.)

Piña Colada (with / without Rum)


Creams, Ganaches & Custards


Honey Vanilla Custard / Vanilla Custard

Lemon Curd

Dulce De Leche 


White / Dark Chocolate Ganache

Cannoli / Spiced Cannoli

Cream Cheese / Buttercreams (many flavors available)

Peach / Plum / Apricots / Nectarines

Banana / Apple

Berries (i.e. Strawberry, Raspberry etc.)

Citrus (i.e. Lemon, Lime Orange etc.)

Pineapple / Mango / Passion Fruit

Guava / Papaya / Mamey

Coconut (with / without flakes)



Confections available in Fillings & Buttercream


Candy Bar Confections (i.e Rocheres, Snickers, Heath Bar, Reeses)

Cookie Confections (i.e. Oreo Cookies N Cream, Chips Ahoy, Maria Cookies)

Cereal Confections (i.e. Fruit Loops, Cinnamon Toast Crunch) 

**** Specialty flavors, seasonal and fresh fruits, nuts, liquor infusions and edible decorations

(i.e. Flowers, 3D Figures and Intricate Designs) require a custom pricing, to be discussed during ordering. ****